We insure Paintball
Providing the best paintball insurance program.
We can provide field, store, and manufacturer insurance.

We have been insuring paintball fields ever since, from the smallest to the largest fields in the USA. In November 2007 we unveiled a new insurance program designed to provide the field owner with more options, better coverages, and the lowest pricing program in the USA. Our programs are designed once again to provide field owner's with huge savings over American Paintball League and NSERA with no more association dues!  Associations that charge dues that do nothing for you but cost you money is not a good business decision.  We provide insurance with great coverages, great price, and great service from a staff that cares and listens.We provide insurance with four different carriers based on your individual business.  The other associations apparently only offer one.  I am the only agent licensed in all 50 states in the paintball industry.

We also have a special insurance program for paintball tanks once again. We can also provide paintball store insurance, product liability for manufacturers and workers compensation. Take advantage of our 29 years experience of being licensed and providing specialty insurance for several industries. Give our experienced staff an opportunity to work for you.

BRWP Insurance Interview with Larry Cossio
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